Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queens Park
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 2C6


“Positioning Black contemporary art in the core of the ROM is a gesture of establishing presence…”

Now open: the Royal Ontario Museum’s Chihuly, an exhibit of 11 installations including previously unseen incarnations by Seattle-based glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.

Although Toronto’s fin-de-siècle rush to the top was largely focused on high finance and even higher skyscrapers, the city’s arts culture has seen notable growth in the past decade.

Anyone who has followed the work of multifaceted writer and visual artist Douglas Coupland is more than familiar with the wild and wondrous workings of his clearly overactive mind.

Amidst Beijing’s dense landscape lies the Forbidden City. For over 500 years, the halls of this royal residence remained a mystery to all but the emperor, his family, and those who served him.

Daniel Libeskind builds on very big ideas. Shards and fragments, symbolic undertones, and a philosophical approach inform the architect’s work.

The year was 1966. Hair was growing longer and time shorter. While Canadians prepared for the country’s upcoming centennial celebrations, Americans were embroiled in an increasingly futile and bloody war in Vietnam, as well as race riots at home. Meanwhile, far from the madding crowd, Walter and Leonore Annenberg were putting the finishing touches on the 200-acre estate in Rancho Mirage, California, that they called Sunnylands.