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The Golden Hour Project

A cross-Canadian photo essay celebrates the most magical time of day.

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The golden hour—that time, just after sunrise or just before sunset, when the cast of light ripens to a particularly warm yellow hue—is widely acknowledged as being the most magical time of day. Regardless of latitude or calendar month, the golden hour casts life in a flattering light, like a bit of celestial encouragement reminding us all to “appreciate the little things”, and “stop and slow down”, and of other platitudes we generally couldn’t care less about at 1:30 p.m. In honour of what might be humanity’s favourite time of day, over 100 photographers from across Canada joined together this June to participate in a nation-wide project documenting Canada’s golden hour. Thanks to them, we can appreciate the ethereal glow cast over the Maritimes and the Prairies, the Territories, and the West Coast.

Post Date:

September 3, 2015