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The ROM's exploration of race and belonging in Canada.

“Positioning Black contemporary art in the core of the ROM is a gesture of establishing presence…”

Books by Dinaw Mengestu, André Alexis, and Rebecca Solnit.

Forget everything you know about novels of the immigrant experience.

Horse play.

Saut Hermès signs line the Avenue des Champs Élysées like bread crumbs leading to a big glass dome. The Grand Palais, designed for the Universal Exposition in 1900, is where, for the third consecutive year, la maison Hermès has returned to its equine roots to present the show-jumping spectacle Saut Hermès.

Dungeons & Dragons goes designer.

It’s not a scene typically associated with haute couture.

More valuable than gold.

If one is looking to invest, the regular considerations might include Amazon, Google, Apple—even penny stocks (as one philosophy suggests, where is there to go but up?). Yet recent research indicates the most lucrative investment might not be in gold.

Colourful creations.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Everything gets debated in France. Consider the ongoing philosophical discussion about cookies that’s been raging for the last decade or so in the tonier arrondissements of Paris: it’s the war of the macarons.

Photo-conceptualism at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Pictures From Here transports visitors and locals alike past Vancouver’s surface, revealing some of the city’s most artistically formative perspectives of itself.

Details of dedication.

Taking place in the Coal Harbour neighbourhood’s Jack Poole Plaza, the 5,000-square-foot event is comprised of nine stations from a watchmaker solving a precise puzzle of gears and screws, to a saddler, leatherworker, silk-printer, gem-setter, and more.

Boxed sets.

What lies within a gift box is a question of joyful anticipation; all the better if the box is orange. This season, Hermès has dreamed up two new whimsical gift-box sets. To give or to receive, that is the question.

Time capsule.

Hermès and Jaeger-LeCoultre tackle the science of time with the Atmos Hermès clock.

Classy catch.

Reimagining everyday objects is something that Hermès does all too well—especially with their leather goods, which are unsurpassed in craftsmanship.

An alfresco repast.

When warmer weather prevails, the opportunity for leisured outdoor dining is limitless. And when such occasions arise—be  it in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or at the beach—the Hermès picnic bag combines the convenience of packing and  carrying gastronomic fare with uncompromising style.

What's in a purse?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: It would be easy to consider Hermès not dissimilar from other maisons de luxe. Beyond the superficial, however, resides a philosophy and even a philosopher with a belief in the “exquisite perception of the improbable.”

Steely steed.

SUMMER CYCLES: Hermès is no stranger to saddles and steeds. It is only natural then, that the equine-inspired French fashion house called upon some of its considerable construction skills when the time came to saddle up for a more leisurely ride.

In the details.

Step into a Betty Hemmings Leathergoods boutique and the first sense to be triggered is smell: pure, rich leather. Next, set sights on some of the world’s best, which has been stretched, cut, dyed, and crafted into functional attachés, briefcases, luggage, jewellery boxes, backgammon sets, and more.

Various locations, and available online.

Various locations, and available online.

Flagship Boutique – Paris
72 rue de Bonaparte
75006 Paris
+33 01 45 12 24 02

111 Rang 2 de Gravel
Ferme-Neuve, Quebec
J0W 1C0

Various locations, and available online.

Various locations.