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The H08 from Hermès, with it's unique shape, returns with a lighter case and the addition of some vibrant colour.

The H08 from Hermès, with it’s unique shape, returns with a lighter case and the addition of some vibrant colour.

A makeup collection dedicated to the eyes.

The Hermès Beauty collection is growing. Enter Le Regard, an eye-makeup collection that is, to state the obvious, desirable.

The new male-centric timepiece by Hermès Horloger.

The standout Hermès novelty as presented for Watches and Wonders is the H08 timepiece, a watch that “embodies a contemporary masculinity,” says Lauren Dordet, La Montres Hermès CEO.

Taking place in the Coal Harbour neighbourhood’s Jack Poole Plaza, the 5,000-square-foot event is comprised of nine stations from a watchmaker solving a precise puzzle of gears and screws, to a saddler, leatherworker, silk-printer, gem-setter, and more.

If one is looking to invest, the regular considerations might include Amazon, Google, Apple—even penny stocks (as one philosophy suggests, where is there to go but up?). Yet recent research indicates the most lucrative investment might not be in gold.

What's in a purse?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: It would be easy to consider Hermès not dissimilar from other maisons de luxe. Beyond the superficial, however, resides a philosophy and even a philosopher with a belief in the “exquisite perception of the improbable.”

SUMMER CYCLES: Hermès is no stranger to saddles and steeds. It is only natural then, that the equine-inspired French fashion house called upon some of its considerable construction skills when the time came to saddle up for a more leisurely ride.

Hermès and Jaeger-LeCoultre tackle the science of time with the Atmos Hermès clock.

An alfresco repast.

When warmer weather prevails, the opportunity for leisured outdoor dining is limitless. And when such occasions arise—be  it in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or at the beach—the Hermès picnic bag combines the convenience of packing and  carrying gastronomic fare with uncompromising style.

Horse play.

Saut Hermès signs line the Avenue des Champs Élysées like bread crumbs leading to a big glass dome. The Grand Palais, designed for the Universal Exposition in 1900, is where, for the third consecutive year, la maison Hermès has returned to its equine roots to present the show-jumping spectacle Saut Hermès.

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