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Fendi fans Rome's splendour.

The Italian fashion house has undertaken the restoration of Roman fountains in a project billed Fendi for Fountains.

Kitchen couture.

Fendi Casa has turned up the heat with Ambiente Cucina, the brand’s first foray into kitchen decor. Translating the haute couture of the runway to stone countertops and crocodile-printed leather wrapped shelving, the collection comprises three lines.

The invisible thread.

The world of fashion is not defined by what you see: the turtleneck, the trousers, the trench. Big-name brands are powered by a network of very small yet highly skilled artisans—specializing in yarns, dyeing, embroidery, leather, crochet stitching, filigree, beading, lace—whose expertise and knowledge is rooted in Italy. With the ongoing pandemic, there is a risk of losing some parts of the Made in Italy supply chain.

The road less travelled.

In 2015, Mario Rigby left everything he knew to set off across Africa on foot. Two years later, he returned to Canada to redefine what it means to be a modern-day adventurer.

The future of fragrance.

Perfume has come a long way since its origins in Mesopotamia but not entirely for the better. As modernization took its toll on the centuries-old practice, luxury and care gave way to cheaper chemical alternatives.

The journalist and activist talks resistance and education.

The activist’s book provides tangible evidence of instances of racial oppression, tension, and violence in Canada, which are not one-off exceptions, but rather part of a complex system of laws and tactics rooted in imbalanced power structures.

Modern glamour.

To mark the restoration of the St. Regis Rome, Delfina Delettrez Fendi has designed a collection inspired by the hotel’s new era of modern glamour.

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