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Le Labo’s City Exclusives collection.

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San Francisco. The city by the bay, home to the Summer of Love, and the only city home to boutique perfumery Le Labo’s Limette 37 scent.

Le Labo’s nine City Exclusive scents pay tribute to specific cities where Le Labo shops are found, and are only available in the city they’re named for—until now. In a twist of exclusivity, Le Labo has released the full City Exclusives collection online and in its various boutiques worldwide, so you can stock up on your favourite scent without the added airfare.

Conceived by Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi, Le Labo constructs its fragrances around primary essences found in Grasse, France’s perfume capital. Bergamot, rose, patchouli—these base scents are built on by master perfumers in trials until the precise fragrance is determined. A scent’s name indicates its formula: each includes a principle essence, plus the total number of ingredients added. So, with 36 additions to its bergamot base, San Francisco’s Limette 37 is a hilly olfactory ride from the Fillmore street boutique to the bay—fresh and airy with soft musks, clove, and warm jasmine. Down the California coast, in the City of Angels, Musc 25’s dark side has an angelic cover: musk and civet meet vetiver and ambergris. Sharp pink pepper jives with clove, cedar, and aldehyde in Chicago’s Baie Rose 26, a scent inspired by jazz music, and Paris offers classic Vanille 44, a subtle yet woody scent.

All city scents are available online and in Le Labo boutiques until October 15, after which you’ll just have added reason to visit the cities themselves.

Image courtesy of Le Labo.


Post Date:

September 3, 2013