FROM THE ARCHIVE: Most of us, at some point, have tried our hand at the holiday activity of gingerbread house–making, but only few have achieved the level of success of an award-winning gingerbread architect.

The clamshell-shaped dainty, admired for its texture and subtle sweetness, is filled with ricotta and named for its overlapping layers of paper-thin pastry.

Louis Vuitton unwraps its collection of travel-inspired homewares and accessories at a pop-up event at the iconic Integral House in Toronto.

With an unbelievable amount of power, a series of performance modifications, and distinctly aggressive good looks, this dog can bark, run, and if not kept on a leash, it might even bite.

Chicago has earned its place as cultural kingpin—artistic offerings here are not only top-tier, but they come widely varied in medium.

These decidedly grown-up calendars reveal distinctive treats that even the Grinchiest among us will anticipate with festive joy.

The dedicated home collection is a riot of botanical prints, animal motifs, and bright colours that wink at the Florentine fashion house’s maximalist aesthetic.

Refine your next playlist with this selection of recent album releases, curated by our editors.

The GLA 45 4MATIC offers the fun-loving enthusiast charm of a hot hatch without sacrificing its everyday credentials.

The founder and principle of Studio Munge has a focused, narrative driven style that shapes the finer elements of interior design.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Tom Kundig’s palette tends toward raw concrete and shaped metal plate, not the woodsy, post-and-beamy version of “Northwest architecture.”

Shedding dated decor, the latest addition to the Marriott’s coveted Autograph Collection has Albertans heading to the picturesque Kananaskis Valley this winter.

On the occasion of Patricia Piccinini’s multisensory exhibition Curious Imaginings, we learn about the driving forces behind the Australian artist’s lifelike sculptures.

This year, the brand has brought everything it knows about the beauty experience to makeup, revamping its colours collection into four textures.

The author talks about her creative process and the birth of her Scotiabank Giller Prize-nominated novel Motherhood.

Green is an expressive colour statement on the wrist with these timepieces sure to fashion a similar share of envy.

A chef’s career can have many twists and turns, yet you’d be hard pressed to find one that has as many as Jonathan Gushue’s.

Does the physical environment that grapevines grow in, especially the climate and soil, imprint itself the wines they make?

This year marks the 40th anniversary and 11th edition of the wildly popular French maritime event.

The secret is out: Portugal can no longer claim its once-held status as a hidden gem. Yet, for all the fanfare, even its capital city of Lisbon feels unspoilt.

This winter, the Vancouver Art Gallery presents Pei’s work in an exhibition that features a curation of more than 40 garments made between 2006 and 2017.

These exhibitions have taken art out of its hallowed halls and into temporary spaces specifically designed to be shared via the rectangular window of your cell phone.

The Vancouver-based musician opens up about domesticity, honesty, and musical re-emergence as he releases his new album More or Less.

With the aim of expanding the brand’s customer base and the hopes of reaching more millennials, Care by Volvo leverages the simplicity of known costs with an app-driven experience.

In addition to pinning poppies on jacket lapels this November, Canadians can pay their respects by visiting the Canadian War Museum’s new exhibition.

Burt’s quietly offers the kind of quality that consumers should demand of all products, regardless of their price point, and is a standout on the drugstore shelf when it comes to clean beauty.

The three-day celebration, which lasts from October 31 to November 2, is a Mexican tradition that goes back some 3,000 years and stems from the idea that relatives and friends who have passed get to come back for an annual visit.

Founded by Noma alumni Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, the distillery is making waves by presenting complex and unique flavours previously unheard of in liquor.

This autumn’s must-have shoe puts geometric, sculptural heels firmly in the sartorial spotlight.

The brand’s scientists focused on molecular technology, and their innovations came to define Valmont as a leader in creating products that work to improve skin at the cellular level.

With the 720S, McLaren threads the needle between a future-forward supercar and a visceral backroad-slaying sportscar—it is nothing short of an achievement.

Since their emergence on Japanese cellphones some 19 years ago, emoji have become a standard feature of conversation in the digital age.

As recreational use of cannabis becomes legal in Canada, the creative class is helping to redefine the culture with a new crop of beautifully designed smoking accessories.

This month, thousands of people will descend upon the Adams River to witness one of the largest sockeye salmon runs on the continent.

Joanne Sasvari’s cookbook pays homage to the incredibly innovative yet down-to-earth dishes made by the city’s top chefs.