Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based handbag designer Joanna MacDonald is making a splash with a new Canadian accessories brand crafted from fish leather.

The Taiwanese company will brings its metaphorical journey The Eternal Tides to Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Mary McCartney—yes, daughter of that McCartney—returns to Toronto this November for a second exclusive exhibition in the city’s upscale Yorkville district.

Behind the quirkiness and sex appeal of this design-oriented hotel is a serious approach to hospitality and service.

The vertical dancers of Aeriosa perform sideways and upside down more than 100 metres above the ground on the sides of buildings.

A 30-year veteran of the luxury jewellery trade, the Virginia-born, New York-based designer aims to be the next international heritage brand.

Lac + Beauty is Toronto’s newest emporium of high-cost fabulousness.