FROM THE ARCHIVE: How Jaeger-LeCoultre helped restore the luxury status of mechanical timekeeping.

In an effort to create the ultimate retail experience, luxury brands are offering everything from in-store spa services to gourmet eateries on the premises.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Less than a decade under her hand, Cécile Bonnefond transformed Veuve Clicquot into an international brand, putting it on the tables of kings and aristocrats, and almost single-handedly inventing the notion of champagne as the only proper beverage for important celebrations.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Theatre is a world of flops and triumphs, in which critical and financial success don’t always collide. It’s a world that David Mirvish, head of Mirvish Productions, knows all too well.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: When Louis Vuitton decided to create a watch collection, it built a state-of-the-art workshop from the ground up near La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains, the epicentre of the country’s watchmaking district.