Flight plan.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The world of consumer aviation is a no-quarter-asked-no-quarter-given business littered with sky-high egos and grounded ventures. So after a lifetime spent in this unforgiving business, what drives Robert Deluce to want to continue?


It all begins with water, and the act of giving with no expectations of receiving in return. It was a poignant lesson, delivered by Obakki founder Treana Peake to an audience of 2,500 in Vancouver last month for TEDxVancouver.

The Internet's shady sites.

Ross William Ulbricht is in jail. And if the FBI has its way, he’ll be there for quite some time. The charges: drug trafficking, money laundering, computer hacking, and ordering a hit on a resident of White Rock, B.C., who had piqued his ire.

High trek.

Norwegian brand Fimbulvetr (pronounced fim-bull-vet-her, meaning “the great winter” in Old Norse) set out to redesign a centuries-old technology: snowshoes.

Smooth operator.

High velocity performance and a heavy-duty motor are characteristics one would usually associate with the latest automotive release, but ever the innovator, Breville has released a new blending model for the kitchen that is teeming with power.

Getting by with a little help from his friends.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: David Foster is forever in blue jeans. It somehow speaks to his Canadian heritage, and perhaps to his musical tastes. His abilities as a producer are pretty much unassailable, but what most folks might not realize is how he recognizes emerging talent and brings it forward.

Silent nights.

WINTER WHITES: The holidays are filled with noise: merriment, laughter, and the inevitable sound effects of the latest toy or gadget. Thankfully, the Dohm NSF Sound Conditioner offers some tranquility amidst the jingle bell rock.